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Diabetes is a disease in which one's blood sugar levels are too high. In the United States, the estimated number of people over 18 years of age with diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes is 30.2 million. The figure represents between 27.9 and 32.7 percent of the population. Dr. Patel focuses on implementing a healthy lifestyle to help combat Diabetes as well as instituting medication interventions when needed.

Diabetes Q & A


How is Diabetes Diagnosed?


Diabetes can be diagnosed using a variety of blood tests, but the most common test at this time is the Hemoglobin A1c. This is a simple blood test that shows a patient’s average blood sugar over the last 3 months. If elevated above a set range, a patient is officially diagnosed with Diabetes. All blood work can be performed in Dr. Patel’s clinic at 1411 Ochsner Blvd. in Covington, LA. 

How is Diabetes Treated?


Thankfully, there are many great medications now for Diabetes. Using a patient’s medical history, Dr. Patel will find the medication best suitable for each patient. This can range from daily medication by mouth, injectables, or insulin. Each patient will be counseled on side effects prior to starting any medication which allows the patient to choose a medication best suitable for them. Dr. Patel will also ensure that he provides adequate education so the patient understands their plan fully. 

Why is Treating Diabetes Important?


Diabetes is often a frightening diagnosis for patients but with the help of Dr. Patel, this condition can be adequately managed, allowing the patient to move forward with their lives and avoiding future complications well into their senior years. These complications can include heart disease, strokes, kidney disease, neuropathy, and multiple other chronic diseases. 

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Dr. Jason Patel is committed to improving his patient's wellness and health goals. He provides a holistic and highly personalized approach that caters to the needs of each patient. 

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