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Weight Management


If weight management is your goal, Dr. Patel can aid with behavior modifications like nutritional counseling and exercise education as well as supplemental or pharmaceutical intervention when clinically indicated.

Weight Management Q & A


Why is Weight Management so Important?


Except for smoking, obesity is now the number one preventable cause of death in our country. Hundreds of thousands of individuals die yearly from obesity or complications from obesity. 

How can Dr. Patel Help With Weight Management?


Dr. Patel knows the importance of maintaining a healthy weight. Ideal weight is determined by a multitude of factors including height, race, family history, and other comorbidities. Dr. Patel will formulate a diet and exercise plan with each patient to get them to their ideal weight. 

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We're in This Together.

Dr. Jason Patel is committed to improving his patient's wellness and health goals. He provides a holistic and highly personalized approach that caters to the needs of each patient. 

We offer a variety of treatments for your individualized needs. Click on a Service to Learn More: 

Health Optimization and Chronic Disease Management

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