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Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a condition where the force of blood within the artery walls becomes too high. It is one of the most common diagnoses in America and can lead to severe heart disease. Dr. Patel utilizes an individualized approach for the management of hypertension that encompasses diet, exercise, stress reduction, and evidence-based pharmaceutical interventions, which are proven to mitigate the risk of more serious conditions in the future.

Hypertension Q & A


How is Hypertension Diagnosed?


The diagnosis of hypertension depends on multiple factors such as age, comorbidities, and race. That being said, there is no set goal blood pressure for every patient. Dr. Patel will determine a goal blood pressure for you at your initial appointment, and work with you over time to achieve it. 

How Does Dr. Patel Treat Hypertension?


If above the set goal blood pressure, Dr. Patel will create a plan for each patient that encompasses diet, exercise, stress reduction, and if needed, pharmaceutical interventions. The goal is for each patient to make the necessary changes to avoid medications. However, if medication is needed, Dr. Patel will discuss the potential options and their side effects with each person to find the best fit. 

Why is It Important to Treat Hypertension?


Hypertension can lead to many adverse outcomes if left untreated. This includes heart attacks, heart failure, stroke, kidney disease, and many more chronic diseases. As mentioned above, there are many potential interventions that Dr. Patel can discuss with each patient. This ranges from lifestyle changes to medications. 

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Dr. Jason Patel is committed to improving his patient's wellness and health goals. He provides a holistic and highly personalized approach that caters to the needs of each patient. 

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