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Dr. Jason Patel, M.D.

Primary Care Physician,

Internal Medicine Specialist in Covington, LA

Professional Primary Care Physician with a focus on preventive medicine and wellness in patients’ lives. Dr. Jason Patel commits to building genuine and long-lasting relationships to give you the best care possible!


We Commit To Lasting Relationships

Dr. Jason Patel believes that the future of medicine lies within the collaborative approach between patient and provider. This may comprise pharmaceutical interventions as well as lifestyle interventions such as diet, exercise, and mindfulness techniques. The collaborative approach also extends to other providers such as specialists, therapists, etc. Dr. Patel prides himself on an open line of communication between all providers, ensuring that no aspect of your care is overlooked.

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Comprehensive Primary Care

We offer a variety of treatments for your individualized needs. Click on a Service to Learn More: 

Health Optimization and Chronic Disease Management



“Dr. Jason Patel is a fantastic doctor! He really took the time to listen to my history and tried to understand everything going on before helping come up with a care plan. It was obvious he truly cared for my well-being. Office staff was extremely easy to communicate with and booking an appointment was seamless as well. I definitely recommend Dr Patel and his practice!”

What Our Patients Say:


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